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Four Elements Blend

Seasonal Four Elements Blend won a Gold medal and overall trophy for Espresso in 2014 and has been a very popular coffee since.

Four Elements is Dane's multi medal winning seasonal blend - most recently winning a Silver Medal in 2018. The perfectly balanced Four Elements is made up of four single origin coffees: Ethiopian Yirgachefe, PNG, Brazil and Indonesia.

Roasters Description: Rose like aroma with dried tropical fruit sweetness, blackberry and cherry tones and clean finish.

Varietals include Heirloom, Mundo Novo; Acaia, Catuai Icatu, Typica.


  • AICA 2018 Silver - Immersion, Blend
  • AICA 2017 Silver - Espresso, Blend
  • AICA 2017 Bronze - Milk Coffee, Blend
  • AICA 2016 Silver
  • AICA 2014 Gold - Champion Espresso

AICA Silver 2018AICA Silver 2016AICA Silver 2017AICA Bronze 2017RAIC Gold 2014


$15.00 250g - $45.00 1 kg

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