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Four Elements Blend

Seasonal Four Elements Blend won a Gold medal and overall trophy for Espresso.

Four Elements is Dane's Gold medal winning seasonal blend (2017). The perfectly balanced Four Elements is made up of four single origin coffees: Ethiopian Yirgachefe, PNG, Brazil and Indonesia.

Held in Melbourne, the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) is an international competition which celebrates and promotes coffee roasting excellence. In its second year, the AICA event saw a whopping 800 entries from 167 specialty roasters from around the world.

From this large and impressive field the Danes Specialty Coffee "Four Elements" was awarded a Gold Medal and overall trophy for Espresso.

Roasters Description: Rose like aroma with dried tropical fruit sweetness, blackberry and cherry tones and clean finish.

Varietals include Heirloom, Mundo Novo; Acaia, Catuai Icatu, Typica.


  • AICA 2018 Silver - Immersion, Blend
  • AICA 2017 Silver - Espresso, Blend
  • AICA 2017 Bronze - Milk Coffee, Blend
  • AICA 2016 Silver
  • AICA 2014 Gold - Champion Espresso

AICA Silver 2018AICA Silver 2016AICA Silver 2017AICA Bronze 2017RAIC Gold 2014


$15.00 250g - $45.00 1 kg

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