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We believe coffee should be about flavour. Our Mission is to give our consumers a choice to define their flavour. We want to show them how coffee flavours can vary – through the expression of sweetness, aroma, body and finish - and to help them define their favourite flavour – regardless of whether they drink their coffee black or white. 

Paul Jackson.


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Danes Coffee

We’re changing the conversation about coffee.

Right now people don’t have a real choice with coffee. Sure, you can choose the format it comes in. And you can sometimes choose the origin. But you don’t get to choose the flavour.

We’re here to change that. We want to give our customers the power to choose their favourite flavours.

We treat coffee creation as an art and a science. The science comes from defining and extracting a variety of flavours from the beans we source. The art comes from the barista’s skill in recreating this flavour through the machine and delivering it to the customer.

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The Brew

An irregular blog about coffee machines, new developments, the making of a great barista, and other random thoughts (blended with a smattering of wisdom) from our founder - Paul’s Perspective

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defining flavour

Defining flavour

We treat coffee creation as an art and a science.

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Nicaragua, Blueberry Candy

Espresso, Filter

This coffee is from the El Peñón micro-farm on the La Bastilla Estates. The Cherries are picked when they are very ripe and slowly dried at a low temperature. The Estate is fully independent and works closely with the Foundation for Rural Education and Entrepreneurship.

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    The Danes Story

    In the beginning

    In 1994, owner Paul Jackson, didn’t like coffee.

    It tasted bitter. Burnt. Dirty. Over-extracted.

    So he set himself a challenge to create a coffee he loved. He started a flavour crusade that became an obsession.

    He separated coffee into its key elements, then reconstructed each component:

    - From coffee bean, to water, to grinder, to the machine, the barista training, and the milk treatment - all the way through to the finished cup.


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    The Danes Story

    The next step

    In 1999 he shared this obsession with a few other Coffee Tragics to create the Danes Specialty Coffee Institute, in Brookvale NSW, with the focus on barista training and education. And rather than joining the ‘coffee elitists,’ they stayed grounded - with the customer’s needs in mind. Their obsession was about flavour, not form. It was about the end result, not the process.

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    The Danes Story

    And so it goes...

    To cement this grounded approach to coffee making, Danes launched its first Grand Barista Championship in 2001 and the Home Barista Competition shortly afterwards – to create a culture of creativity and excellence in coffee making. At the end of the day, a great cup of coffee comes from the marriage of great coffee beans with the skills of a great barista.

Danes Institute

Learn to be a Barista

Trained to Perfection.

Danes is Australia's only licensed SCA course provider. The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is one of the world’s leading coffee educators, represented in over 40 different countries.  Our Institute is also Australia’s only official SCA training Campus, offering SCA Internationally accredited coffee courses.

Which means we provide the International standard for Barista training and accreditation in Australia.


We offer barista courses, SCA certified courses, and accreditation from the SCA International Professional Development Program (IPDP).



DSCI Courses

  • Essence of Espresso & Workshop
  • Latte Art Workshop
  • Specialty Alternate Brewing Workshop
  • Advanced Espresso Machine Course


SCA Courses

  • Barista Guild Level 1 Certificate Program
  • Instructor Development Program
  • Barista Guild Level 1 Certificate Program
  • Sensory Evaluation Classes

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