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Danes Specialty Coffee AICA Champion Roaster in 2018 and 2019

Join our flavour obsession

If you’re looking for Australia’s best wholesale coffee supplier, you’re in the right spot. We source, roast and supply AICA winning beans to select cafes across Australia through our Danes and Maestros Espresso brands.

But we don’t supply to just anyone. No, we partner with people who share our obsession with flavour.

Danes takeaway coffee cup range

Only flavour crusaders need apply

We’re flavour crusaders. And we are seeking café partners who share our belief that coffee should be about flavour. Our café partners will experience coffee in a different way – with access to unparalleled opportunities to define the coffee flavour they like best. This includes our unique coffee language on our product packaging designed to assist consumers and baristas to build their coffee understanding and vocabulary.

Our award-winning beans need the highest calibre equipment. Our espresso machine and grinder partners include Slayer, Sanremo Racer, Anfim and Mahlkonig to help you craft our award winning beans. With up-to-the-minute barista training on tap in our SCA-accredited coffee institute, to help you build and maintain that barista competitive edge.

Slayer espresso machine

SanRemo Cafe Racer Espresso Machine

It’s about more than just good coffee

Running a café is about more than just good coffee. We know because our team has over 50 years of combined experience building and operating cafes in Australia and abroad. We can contribute to your success with advice on cafe layout and design, payment technology, loyalty programs, retention and your whole offering.

Why choose us?

aremde nexus one rubyred espresso machine

If you’re serious about flavour, we’re the right roaster for you if you want:

  • Beans, cold brew and nitro from the two time Champion Australian Roaster, as awarded by the Australian International Coffee Awards 2018 and 2019
  • The latest espresso machines from Sanremo, Slayer, Synesso and Aremde
  • Top of the range equipment including Puqpress, Anfim, Mahlkonig, Acaia and Ubermilk
  • To empower your customers to learn more about coffee flavour and give them a flavour experience with every cup
  • Personal service from your dedicated business development manager
  • Accomplished, expert coffee trainers to mentor your team
  • To draw on our combined 50 years of roasting, brewing, café operation and barista training expertise. Infusion On Clarence by Danes
  • To make your café a profitable business with a reputation for consistently delicious coffee.

Our wholesale team


Paul Jackson - the founder of Danes is still personally and passionately involved with meeting and greeting café operators into Danes the fold. With over twenty years’ experience in building and growing cafes, training 1,000's of baristas personally and through the team, he would love to meet you and introduce the Danes coffee and service to you.    


Bringing international café ownership experience, Otto’s relationship with Danes spans more than a decade. After 12 years operating five cafes in Sydney and Hong Kong serving Danes Specialty Coffee, he has been with our Danes team for more than two years now as our Business development and account manager.

Otto brings extraordinary expertise and understanding of how to profitably run a café. He knows that a quality café experience is more than just good coffee. His Neutral Bay café consistently won local business awards recognising his coffee, food and outstanding customer service. Otto has a Bachelor of Commerce with a Marketing major, and his focus is to promote the Danes brand in Australia and the Asia Pacific.


Establishing cafes, running and building barista teams, Seb joins the Danes team with great enthusiasm as our barista trainer and business development man. Keen to offer his support to improve your systems and grow your coffee sales from every level to run a successful café.


Enter your information in the form below or give us a call on 02 9938 4522 to take the first step to joining the Danes tribe. We look forward to talking with you.