Origin of the Month - April - Colombia Huila Bruselas

Colombia Huila Bruselas coffee Danes Specialty Coffee 640

Colombia Huila Bruselas

Grown at an altitude of 1700m in Colombia’s Huila region, Colombia Huila Bruselas is grown on small-scale family farms. The beans are fermented for 20-36 hours and then dried for 10-18 days with parabolic dryers. This processing method is what gives our Bruselas a clear flavour profile and a clean finish.

Process: Fully washed
Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1700m
Origin: Colombia, Huila, Pitalito, Bruselas
Cupping Notes

Espresso: Apricot up front, buttery mouthfeel with a long lasting finish.

Pour over: Shiraz red grape flavour, tea-like body with a sparkling crisp finish.

Piccolo: Smooth bodied with cacao nibs upfront and dried fruit finish.


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