Maestros Espresso serving van featured on ConcretePlayground

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Whip Van Sprinkle is an all-vegan soft serve van that proudly serves Maestros Coffee (roasted by Danes) has been featured on ConcretePlayground.


Newest member of the city's I-can't-believe-it's-actually-vegan club, Whip Van Sprinkle is already up and rolling, dishing up Coco Whip creations with a creaminess factor high enough to tempt even the most avid of dairy lovers.

A vegan-friendly, more virtuous take on the Mr Whippy vans of old, this one's doing soft serve crafted from coconut water, infused with a gut-loving probiotic and jazzed up with all sorts of fun toppings. You'll find variations like the Bananarama, loaded with gluten-free banana bread, salted caramel sauce and fresh banana, the Original Breakkie Bowl rocking fresh fruit and muesli, and the decadent Ferrero, topped with a nutty raw slice and chocolate sauce. They're available in both cup and cone, and you can customise your own dessert with your favourite topping combinations.

And if a pick-me-up is in order, Whip Van Sprinkle's not only doing top-notch Maestros coffee, but also a Cocowhip Affogato, teaming that signature soft serve with a hit of espresso.

Whip Van Sprinkle will be cruising all over Sydney – jump over to the Facebook page to keep an eye on where it'll be next.

The original article was posted on October 17, 2018 

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