Introducing the new Danes cup range

Danes metric measurement eco friendly take away coffee cups

As we continue to innovate, meet customer demand and look for ways to do things in more environmentally sustainable ways, we are excited to launch our new range of cups, featuring Ingeo technology.

Our new cups have bold changes that have generated much discussion and questions among our partner cafes, their customers and across the industry.

Here, we answer some of your most asked questions about the changes, why we chose them and what they mean for you.

Q How are the new cups different?

Rolled out in July 2019, our new cups are different in several ways:

  • Made of environmentally friendly, commercially compostable materials known as biopolymers. NatureWorks have created these biopolymer cups by turning greenhouse gases into polylactic acid (PLA), a material that resembles the properties of traditional plastics but is made entirely from plant-based renewable resources such as corn starch and sugar cane. PLA cups are one of the most sustainable single use cups on the market and reflect our commitment to minimising our environmental impact.
  • Labelled in millilitres not ounces, a measurement you can more easily relate to. This improves accuracy and consistency in the cup.
  • The Small 230ml (6oz), Medium 280ml (8oz) and Large 360ml (12oz) now all use the same size lid, making our cups more efficient and economical.
  • Feature both Danes and Maestros branding. The same cup design will be used for Danes and Maestros cafes to bridge our two brands.

Q Why the change from OZ to ML?

The imperial system was phased out in the 70s in Australia – that’s 50 years ago! Instead of using an outdated system of measurement, we swapped OZ for ML and labelled our cups with these measurements. It works for baristas and café owners because it’s easier for them to get the ratio of coffee to milk right – and the flavour at its best.

The OZ cup measurement is confusing and unhelpful. Ignorance is not bliss when trying to craft the perfect ratio for brewing coffee. In essence, truth and accuracy are bliss, and create coffee heaven.

Q So does it make it easier to decide which size to choose?

Yes, it definitely does. Each cup now displays its metric volume, for customers to easily identify with the volume size of each cup.

You know exactly what volume you’re getting.

Q What is the volume of each cup?

The new cups have a similar capacity to the old ones – they are now measured in ML, not OZ.

Old Imperial oz. (Inaccurate)






Metric volume in ml. (Accurate)






New Description







Q How much coffee is in my cup?

The volume of an extracted espresso coffee includes gases, oils and minerals. Steamed milk is added, after being aerated and stretched by introducing steam to create a warm (not hot) emulsion called textured milk.

As a result, the density of coffee – and hence its weight – will vary with each type of coffee. However the volume of your cup is as detailed on the cup.

If you like, you can check the science related to density in the explanation of specific gravity.

Q Why are you telling us about the change?

We value you as our customer and we want to treat you with respect and integrity. Choosing to disclose the changes is our way of being transparent, up front and leading the coffee industry in the same transparent direction.

Eco friendly takeaway coffee cups with metric measurement by Danes

Q The branding looks different too – what’s with that?

The new look on the cups reflects the way we are evolving as a brand. It feels right to refresh the cup design as the next step in our brand identity. We think you’ll love how the new cups depict the crema, colours and layers that are in each cup of Danes and Maestros coffee.

Oh, and we have both our Danes and Maestros brands on our cups now so they can be used by all our customers, regardless of which brand they use.

Danes has been around for 25 years and Maestros Espresso, our little sister, since 1999. Both logos are marks of quality specialty coffee and we are proud to share our brand heritage with you.

Our cups have changed, but our coffee hasn’t. It’s still the double Champion Australian Roaster winning coffee you love, in a takeaway cup that’s better for you, your barista and the planet.

Got any more questions about our new cups or our coffee? 

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