Danes Specialty Coffee awarded 16 medals at the 2017 AICA awards

Held by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, the AICA is the first and only international coffee roasting competition in Australia. This year, a record 820 entries were received from 186 Australian and international roasters, including Asia, Canada, USA, Greece and the United Kingdom.

No other roastery in the state can match our haul of medals received from one of the most highly regarded Australian coffee awards. Winning eight silver and eight bronze awards this year, we topped our 2016 efforts of four silver and three bronze.

Why is our coffee award winning?

Paul Jackson, Danes Managing Director, shares the thinking behind each of our AICA award-winning roasts.

four elements awards


Four Elements – Silver

“Our shining star, Four Elements was a gold medal and gold trophy AICA winner in 2014. Winning awards each year since in multiple categories, this exceptional blend remains Danes’ standout as a black coffee,” explains Paul.

Altitude* – Bronze

“This seasonal blend was created for AICA in 2016 and was used in our coffee stable for the remainder of 2016. It uses two Ethiopian Yirgacheffes for fruits, berries and cocoas to create a great aroma and flavour with a Sumatra to provide another body, character and dimension.”


Ethiopia Wonberta* – Silver

“This seasonally available, naturally processed origin from Sidamo is very aromatic and packs loads of bright complex flavours.”

Panama Black Winey* – Bronze

“This fruit bomb origin is a standout from Panama. It has amazing aromas and sweet candy flavours with surprising cut through for a great milk coffee too.” 


Viking – Silver

“An everyday Danes blend that continues to be a favourite at cafes and at home. It still wins awards through all its transformations since it was introduced in 2002. Viking is our milky leader and consumer favourite for its exceptional versatility in milk and as a traditional flavoured espresso. “

Black Velvet – Silver

“Black Velvet has a remarkable flavour in milk and black coffee thanks to two exceptional origins from Ethiopia and one from Panama. Beautifully balanced, our seasonal blend for 2017 has a full body with its velvety mouth feel, exciting full flavour and is a deserved AICA winner.”

Four Elements – Bronze

“This coffee cuts through milk with a contemporary profile, tropical fruit flavours and dark cherry ripe sweetness.”

Mocha Gold – Bronze

“The most chocolatey of all our blends, as the name suggests. Mocha Gold is a winner for its complexity, balance and rich mouthfeel. Since the early 1990’s this blend has had a loyal following among the Danes tribe.”

Altitude* – Bronze

“Wonderfully complex and satisfying as an espresso award winner, this seasonal specialty blend is just as complex and rich through milk.”

panama black winey wins Silver and 2 Bronze AICA 2017 awards


Panama Black Winey* – Silver

“One of our favourite origins because of its exceptional character. Always satisfies with its rich winey mouthfeel and juicy plum and blackberry flavours.”


Ethiopia Aricha – Silver

“Our Aricha hits the spot with traditional rich cocoas and typical blueberry flavours as found in most great Yirgacheffes.”

Colombia Fortuna – Silver

“Grown in the micro climate of a valley in Huila, this single origin has the X factor, from its fusion of tangerine confit acidity and ice wine sweetness.”

Panama Black Winey* – Bronze

“In filter, pure espresso, or espresso with milk, this Panama is an all-round award-winning coffee.”


Colombia Fortuna – Silver 

“It has been a long time coming but finally we have received some Colombian beans to rave about. The Fortuna (fortune) makes one of our best ever cold brews and was the only cold brew entry to receive a silver medal at this year’s AICA.”

Colombia Bruselas – Bronze

“This Bruselas has apricot up front and tropical flavour notes with a wonderfully delicate balance.”

Four Elements – Bronze

“A champion espresso blend, an award-winning milk blend, and a multi award winning Cold Brew blend that’s available all year round. Four Elements won awards across so many categories this year – testament to its incredible versatility.”

Let your tastebuds do the talking

What do all of these awards mean for you? That the quality of Danes Specialty Coffee will continue to get even better.

We recognise that awards aren’t everything, but they do provide a benchmark for industry standards. The Australian coffee scene is ultra-competitive. Awards like AICA keep all coffee roasters on our toes. At Danes, we’ll continue to innovate and push the boundaries as we strive for evermore delicious beans that deliver consistently perfect coffee.

Receiving awards like these confirm what your tastebuds already know – that flavour, not format is what coffee’s all about.

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* Some coffees are currently unavailable for sale.

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