Ethiopian Guji Banti Nenka Coffeebag

Ethiopian Guji Banti Nenka

This remarkable coffee is high grown in the Guji Zone and is from coffee grown by small holder farmers. In total, the estimated growing area is around 70,600 hectares of which 31,000 hectares are coffee trees. Banti Nenka has the fruitiness that we all expect from Guji coffees but at a level of intensity and refinement not often found. Coffee is processed at the Banti Nenka Mill, the careful monitoring and quality controls are reflected by the clean, bright flavours.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Amazing fruits & caramels.

Body: Banana & chocolate with caramelized raspberry,strawberry finish.

Aftertaste: Blood orange citrus aftertaste for espresso,nougat and bakers chocolate with milk based coffee.

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