La Brisas coffee bag

Colombia Las Brisas

Las Brisas in Spanish means “The breezes”. This unique lot was selected as being of exceptional quality and a great example of what this often overlooked region has to offer. Situated on the Colombian Plateau, which surrounds the high peaks of Tolima and Huila, the region is an important source of water and wildlife, in addition to being prime coffee growing land.


Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Roasted walnut & macadamia

Body: Juicy body, crisp citrus with upfront blood orange, light mandarin flavours.

Aftertaste: Cola and toasted marshmallow sweetness.


  • AICA 2018 Silver - Immersion, Single Origin Awards
  • AICA 2018 Silver - Espresso Single Origin Awards

AICA Silver 2018AICA Silver 2018


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