fausto grinder black

Rocket Fausto Coffee Grinder

The Fausto coffee grinder by Rocket Espresso is the impeccable companion for your espresso machine.

An easily adjustable On-Demand grinder with digital programmable controls that provide an immediate response to dose adjustments. The two automatic portion controls can be set to deliver the required amount of coffee directly into the portafilter, with the ability to pause mid-dose allowing the barista to maintain an even distribution of ground coffee as they grind.

The smooth grind adjustment dial allows for micrometric changes to the coffee particle size. With a speedy response to the change in grind setting, the incremental adjustments of the Fausto make dialling in the espresso an efficient process to reach the desired flavour profile.

Ideal to complete the home barista setup this powerful 500 watt grinder paired with 65mm blades is also more than capable of completing the café workspace as a decaf or low volume single origin grinder.

An electronic grind On-Demand coffee grinder.

  • Infinite micrometric stepless adjustments to select the perfect grind setting.
  • Programmable single and double portion dose controls.
  • The programmed dose can be paused mid-dose to enable you to evenly distribute the particles.

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