anfim ks

Anfim KS

A smart compact grinder which will blend into most home barista set-ups. The KS is an on-demand model which aims to deliver the best flavour from your coffee once dialled in.

Delivering ground coffee directly into the porta filter, the KS offers a clean and efficient method of dosing with minimal waste. Producing fresh ground coffee for optimal flavour is easy to achieve by simply using the portafilter handle for push activation.

Anfim focus on producing grinders that will deliver flavour, consistency and balance. Although a small footprint and simple aesthetic design, these sought after characteristics can be delivered by the KS with functional and high build quality.

A compact grinder with polished stainless steel finish.

  • A direct grind on-demand model activated by a simple push button.
  • 50mm tempered stainless steel flat burrs to provide grind particle consistency and optimal flavour.
  • A great choice for a number of grind applications including espresso and filter coffee.

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