delter coffee press

Delter Coffee Press

Delter Coffee Press is arguably the easiest brew method for home baristas. Simple and less messy than its popular counterpart, the Delter’s Jet Seal keeps water separate from the coffee until you are ready to extract, giving you greater control and consistency from cup to cup.

Because the coffee bed doesn’t get disturbed until you are actually brewing and when the plunger is raised, the Delter makes a cleaner, better flavoured coffee.

The Delter is more efficient when it comes to cleaning. The Delter takes around 30-45 seconds to clean, the V60 30 seconds and Aeropress clocks up two minutes of cleaning time.   

Portable, quick, neat and delicious, the Aussie-invented Delter press is one of our top brew methods for home, travel and on the run.


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