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Single Origins

Our Danes stable of Single Origin Coffees represent a range of outstanding coffee beans sourced from the world’s finest Coffee Estates. In addition to these origin coffees, each month we roast a specially selected single origin coffee sourced from around the world. Visit the Origin of the Month each month for a unique coffee experience.

Seasonal Blend - Black Velvet

Our new Seasonal Blend is called Black Velvet.

Very aromatic will full body, great balance as espresso or in milk. Available in filter and espresso.

buy online $16 / 250g Zip lock bag

Winner of AICA-2017-bronzeWinner of a Silver medal at the 2017 AICA awards for Cappuccino, Milk, Blend category

True relationship coffee
Panama Black Winey

buy online $15 / 250g Zip lock bag

Panama Black Winey

Winner of AICA-2016-bronzeWinner of a Bronze medal at the 2016 AICA awards for Espresso, single origin!

Country: Panama
Altitude: 1260m – 1500m
Process: Natural
Crop Year: 2015

Cup profile: Plum, blackberry, mulberry notes a well-rounded juicy body. Coffee pulp middle compliments the apple like acidity with hints of pineapple. Outstanding and excellent coffee for both filter and espresso.

Kenya Kimunye

buy online $14 / 250g Zip lock bag

Kenya Kiaguthu

Region: Othaya, Nyeri, Kenya
Altitude: 1800m - 2100m
Process: Fully Washed

Espresso black: Coriander Seed Aroma, Warm Honey Sweetness, Full Body yet balanced, Chinotto up front, Solid Blood Orange throughout the middle with a tang of Tangerine in the Finish.

Espresso white: Smooth Bittersweet Cocoa throughout, subtle finish.

Filter: Strong notes of Apricot in both Aroma and Flavour, Lemon and Stonefruit Acidity, long lasting satisfying finish.

Ethiopia Wenago

buy online $14 / 250g Zip lock bag

Ethiopia Wenago

Region: Ethiopia | Wenago Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1700m – 2000m
Process: Natural

Espresso: Soused mixed fruit aroma, caramelised golden raisin upfront, rich and full bodied. Dark cherry with hints of lacquer finish.

Filter: Cherry blossom like fragrance, candy– sweet, lushly fruit–toned aromas. Orangy citrus, vibrant flavours with muted acidity. Syrupy mouthfeel and saturated finish.


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