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Coffee Blends

Danes Specialty Coffee blends are roasted and packed fresh in 1kg and 250g zip lock bags.
Available as single packets or cartons of 5 x 1kg and 10 x 250g. Shop online for Danes Coffee Blends

Four Elements Multi award Winning Blend

Four Elements wins another two medals - Silver and Bronze at the 2016 AICA awards!

Four Elements is Danes Multi award winning blend. The perfectly balanced Four Elements is made up of four single origin coffees: Ethiopian Yirgachefe, PNG, Brazil and Indonesia.

In 2014 at the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) held in Melbourne, the Danes Specialty Coffee "Four Elements" was awarded a Gold Medal and overall trophy for Espresso.

Roasters Description: Rose like aroma with dried tropical fruit sweetness, blackberry and cherry tones and clean finish

Varietals include Heirloom, Mundo Novo; Acaia, Catuai Icatu, Typica.

Available in 250g filter roast and Espresso roast. 1kg bags espresso roast only.

buy online $45 / 1kg Zip lock bag

buy online $14 / 250g Zip lock bag

True relationship coffee RASV Gold 2014
Winner of AICA-2016-silver Winner of AICA-2016-bronze

Mocha Gold Blend

Mocha Gold Blend - Winner of both a Silver and Bronze medal at the 2016 AICA awards!

The true meaning of Mocha coffee originated back in the 15th century, when coffee was first being exported to Europe from the port of Mocha in Yemen. The coffee at the time was Ethiopian coffee, which displayed very strong chocolate notes. Our award winning Mocha Gold Blend and Danes 'first' blend is true to its name. To compliment these characteristics we use a small percentage of Indian Monsooned Malabar that also contributes to its rich, dense and smooth flavour. Other origins include Indoneian Gayo, Mexican Esmeralda and pulped natural Brazil Ipanema RFA.

Roasters Description. As a black this blend has a thick, juicy mouth feel with a rich complex flavour with hints of spice, cocoa and a chocolate finish. With milk Mocha Gold is pleasantly smooth, strong chocolate flavours with hints of malt with a velvet mouth feel and finish.

Varietals: Airloom Mundo Novo, Acaia, Catuai, Icatu, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor, Typica

buy online $39 / 1kg Zip lock bag
buy online $12 / 250g Zip lock bag
Winner of AICA-2016-bronzeWinner of AICA-2016-silver

Caramba Blend

Caramba Blend received a bronze medal in the Golden Bean Awards 2014.

The name Caramba comes from the Spanish word 'Caramba' translating to 'Good Gracious!' Caramba has been and continues to be our Award Winning flagship blend. By design Caramba is Lively and Bright with origins such as Brazil Ipanema Pulped Natural RFA, two seasonal Ethiopian favourites, Sumatra Wahana Estate, Indonesian Gayo, PNG AA and Costa Rica Tarrazu.

Roasters Description. This blend is smooth and fresh with a well-balanced, dynamic flavour. As a black it has a mild, sweet acidity, plum like fruity aroma, with flavours of Cocoa, pineapple and Papaya that develop into warm caramels, light chocolates and pronounced long malt finish in milk.

Varietals. Ethiopian Heirloom, Typica, Catimor, Mundo Novo, Acaia, Catuai, Icatu

buy online $39 / 1kg Zip lock bag
buy online $12 / 250g Zip lock bag
True relationship coffee Golden Bean Award 2014

Viking Blend

Winner of Silver Medal in RASV Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2012.

When people hear the name Viking they think of the Scandinavian warriors. Just like this powerful group of people, our award winning Viking blend lives up to its name and blend objective, Bold, Pronounced, Rich, Full bodied and rounded. Our Viking blend contains coffees from, Mexico, Indonesian Gayo, an Ethiopian Limu and Rwanda.

Roasters Description. As a black the aroma is fruity, especially viscous, producing a silky mouth feel with Juicy Black Current and plum flavours, low acidity with a zesty, spice finish. The richness easily penetrates the milk with flavours of creamy caramel and velvety dark chocolate mouth feel and finish.

Varietals. Ethiopian Heirloom, Bourbon, Catura, Typica

buy online $39 / 1kg Zip lock bag
buy online $12 / 250g Zip lock bag
True relationship coffee RASV SilverMedal 2012

Caribbean Blend 100% Organic

Like its exotic name this award winning dynamic seasonal blend of carefully selected Certified Organic coffees is richly complex, well balanced and full of spice and brightness. Origins include Peruvian, Mexican, Bolivian and Colombian coffees with an amazing Ethiopian Sidamo to top off a top list of Organic coffees.

Roasters Description. As a black the coffee has a low to medium acidity, medium body, smooth, balanced and displays a velvet mouth feel followed by spice and chocolate notes with a clean, bright, fruity finish. Through milk this flavour complexity cuts through with sweetness and hints of hazelnut and almond.

Varietals. Typica, Caturra, Criollo

buy online $41 / 1kg Zip lock bag
buy online $13 / 250g Zip lock bag
True relationship coffee National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia Certified

Decaffeinated Blend

Danes Decaffeinated Blend won a bronze medal in the Golden Bean Awards 2014.

This Award Winning blend of mountain water processed decaffeinated beans is very smooth and sweet with a pleasant acidity. This decaf is not a compromise on flavour or satisfaction.

Roasters Description. As a black this blend is Sweet, fruity, light blood orange citrus flavour and well balanced. Through milk the flavours are delicate vanilla caramels, hints of malt with a smooth clean finish.

Varietals: Caturra, Typica

buy online $13 / 250g Zip lock bag

True relationship coffee Gold Bean Award 2014


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