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Christopher Tierney wins HBC 2015

HBC winner 2015 Christopher TierneyIT Guru and computer wiz Christopher Tierney from Narraweena has taken out the Danes Home Barista Competition for 2015!

Our 6th Annual Danes Home Barista Competition nearly started without one of our competitors, Howard Luu who arrived 20 minutes late!  

Being a paramedic, he probably was not used to the normal traffic conditions without his ambulance. All competitors were given a brief and a demonstration in what our judges will be assessing/scoring them on. The atmosphere of the competition was fun and energetic with ‘Best’s Western Head Winemaker Justin Purser encouraging the crowd to make some noise and showcasing maximum enthusiasm and flair during his presentation. Our photographer got too close during his competition time and simply advised assertively with a twist of humour  ‘ You are in my way… Coffee waits for no man!’

The competition concluded with a fun ‘Smack down battle’ between the winners of our 1st Annual Danes HBC (Richard Tho) and our 5th Annual Danes HBC (James Beasley).  The tension between the two was fierce with James heckling Richard throughout the course of their presentation for some physiological advantage. However, this in turn worked against him as his wavering concentration forced him to go overtime, which incurred a 5 point penalty! Richard was humble with his win.   

Winner: Christopher Tierney from Narraweena with 89 points

2nd Place: Justin Purser from Victoria, winner of the heat at Flying Fox Cafe with 88 points

3rd Place: Howard Luu from Lurnea with 83 points.

Danes Home Barista Competition 2015

The Danes Home Barista Competition is on again in 2015

Some great prizes are on offer for the winners.

The Home Barista Competition is organised and conducted by Danes Specialty Coffee and is supported by its sponsors and industry partners. The competition brings together the best home baristas to compete for the title of Home Barista Champion 2015. The competition is only open to competitors who have NOT been employed as a Barista. Here are the dates for the HBC 2015 heats and the final.

  Date  Location
Heat 1 Sat 19 Sept Flying Fox – Mona Vale
Heat 2 Sat 3 Oct Bolle 2 – Neutral Bay
Heat 3 Sat 17 Oct Molly Coddle – Newtown
Final Sat 31 Oct DSCI - Danes Head Office – Brookvale

To compete in any of the heats please turn up on the day at the cafés listed.

The six top scoring competitors (one from each heat) plus two (2) ‘Wild Card’ entries will be invited to compete in the HBC final at The Danes Gourmet Coffee Institute, Danes Head Office Brookvale on Saturday 31th of October 2015. 

Download the registration form and the competition rules & regulations here:

pdfHBC 2015 Registration form

pdfHBC 2015 Rules & Regulations

HBC 2015 Poster

James Beasley wins the HBC 2014

hbc2014 james beasley winnerCongratulations to James Beasley of Wahroonga the winner of the Danes Home Barista Competition final held at Brookvale on Saturday 9th August 2014.  James takes home the first prize of a fantastic “Danes HBC” Rocket Giotto V3 Espresso Machine.

Well done to the runner up Sandy Daley and 3rd place Jason Dawson.  Other competitors on the day included Howard Luu, Phillip Reakes, Ravi Khakhar, Shane Webb, Tim Scollay & Alexandra Keene.

We have had a fabulous competition, great competitors, brilliant judges with attendance by the sponsors - thank you for the magnificent prizes.


Coffee battle to determine Ferrari class of baristas

Danes Specialty Coffee's head trainer Daniel SussmannThis is an extract from the Manly Daily 28 May 2014

HOME baristas, do you have a "Ferrari" or a cheaper model on your kitchen benchtop? Equipment does make a difference in the quest for that perfect cup of coffee.  Danes Gourmet Coffee's head trainer Daniel Sussmann is a perfectionist.

"Coffee machines are like cars, you can't expect a cheaper model to perform like a Ferrari," Mr Sussmann said. "The same goes for the quality of your grind."

Amateur baristas can put their coffee-making skills into practice at Danes. This Saturday, the Brookvale based coffee company has heat two of its Home Barista Competition at the Flying Fox Cafe in Mona Vale.

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Scott Benson wins the HBC 2013


Scott Benson of Yowie Bay, New South Wales won the fourth edition of the Danes Home Barista Competition on 28 September 2013 at the Danes Specialty Coffee Institute in Brookvale.

As Australia's first and only amateur barista competition, Danes annually welcomes home baristas looking to take their skills beyond the kitchen for a chance to prove their coffee-making prowess. Scott takes home a Rocket R58 Deluxe espresso machine.

Baristas' best brews face judging

Rebecca Hurst takes part in the HBC 2013This article appeared in the North Shore times on 19th July 2013

Budding baristas put their coffee making skills to the test in the first heat of Danes Home Barista Competition last Saturday.  Competitors had three minutes to make an espresso and a flat white at Danes in Wahroonga, which were then judged on taste, presentation, barista technique and service. More heats will be held before the final at Brookvale in September.

At-home barista buzzing before caffeine-fuelled competition

Kim Bowman took part in the HBC 2013This article appeared in the Manly Daily 19th July 2013

Kim Bowman from Freshwater is taking part in the Home Barista Championships. “I’m the official coffee maker at home, I try to moderate it to a couple of cups a day, but we love our coffee,” Mrs Bowman said.
The passionate amateur barista will be taking part in tomorrow’s round of the Home Barista Championships at the Flying Fox Cafe in Mona Vale.

Mrs Bowman’s caffeine fixes will be hard to beat.

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