Defining flavour
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Danes profile diagram is a new way to express flavour in coffee

The Flavour Pentagon

In our search for a new way to define coffee flavour, we created the Danes Flavour Pentagon. It gives you a way to measure the five key elements of flavour:

  1. Aroma – the word for a fragrant scent. Aroma introduces us to flavour before we taste it and makes up a large proportion of flavour.
  2. Sweetness – the level of pleasant acidity and brightness.
  3. Body – the thickness and weightiness on your tongue.
  4. Flavour – the infusion of aroma, sweetness and body as they all converge.
  5. Finish – the end and aftertaste of the experience that sits on your palate.

The pentagon for each of our roasts and blends is different. You’ll see on each bag the flavour is defined for you so you can get a better idea about what to choose – and how to define the flavours you like best in your coffee.

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The Three Flavour Pentagon Tribes

Now you know how to define the coffee flavours you taste, it’s time to pick your beans. We’ve made it easy for you by identifying three flavour tribes – Chocolates & Caramels, Nuts & Spices, Fruits & Berries. Every blend and origin we roast comes with its flavour tribes clearly defined, so you can see at a glance what it tastes like.


Danes three flavour pentagon tribes a way to express flavour in coffee

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