Danes Barista Guild coffee training
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Designed to be the ultimate coffee training, the Danes Barista Guild provides an intense foundation of knowledge for café operators, beginners and professional baristas. Choose from one, three and four day courses and set yourself up to secure a career in specialty coffee or café ownership. These courses are perfect for coffee lovers who want to be schooled in the elements of specialty coffee creation, gain SCA-accreditation and open doors across the globe.

Grow your cafe with Danes award winning specialty coffee, training & personal service

Learn with the best

Specialty coffee demands highly trained specialist baristas. All our coffee trainers are accomplished, SCA-accredited teaching professionals who have completed all components of the SCA Instructor Development Program.

Since 1999 we’ve been been pioneering espresso training standards. Through our state-of-the-art training facility and our barista competitions, we’ve helped luminaries including Scott Callaghan, Sasa Sestic, David Makin, Matt Brown, Sam Taylor, Habib Maarbani, Dominic Majdnadzic, Alex Kum, and Macio Lapenna rise to the top. 

Today, we remain one of the most reputable training institutes in Australia. Our heritage and roots have become woven into the fabric of the Australian coffee industry.

Our training programs continue to re-define cutting edge brewing and extraction methods. We are dedicated to leading those who are intent on becoming the best baristas and being an on-demand resource for our Danes cafes.


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